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C++ Reference No documentation available (QT Creator 3.3.0 QT 5.4)

  • I am trying to get the help files for c++ reference documentation work.
    I have tried both links for qch linked here
    qch from works fine but it seems it is obsolete.
    Updated qch from doesn´t work.

  • I installed qch from "cppreference": to assistant-5.4.0 and to qtcreator-3.3.0 without any problems under Fedora Linux.
    Are there any error messages displayed when you try to add, use it.

    Thanks for letting know about these help files.

  • I am also having a problem getting the reference files to work.
    But it is only partially working...
    For example if I press F1 while on keywords like "vector" or "list", "cout","cin" help is showing. (And help will only show while the proper header files are included, and either the words must be preceded by std::, or defined with "using std::")
    But for other words like "int" and "double", I am getting nothing.
    It does not work with "for", "while" "do","if".
    I am getting the impression, the index for the help is tied to the header files, and so will only work with keywords and functions which have header files, and which are included, and will not work for anything else.
    I am using QT Creator 3.3 QT 5.4, on Linux Mint 17.

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