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Can I do this? Or is there a better way?

  • I've written an QGLWidget desktop image display and enhancement tool using OpenGL shaders. I would like to webify it and use WebGL for the "enhancements". But because of the same domain issue (unless you play serious tricks with the browsers, they can't open a disk file from the same domain the html file is on), I need a server back end that can open the file and send pixels through a websocket transport mechanism. My viewer also works with non-WebGL native formats which use existing c++ libraries to read and get to the pixels. So I need the highest bandwidth binary blob transport that WebSockets can do.

    Is QWebChannel the answer? Can I set up a bidirectional connection between a browser and my c++ server and send tiles of pixels to the browser client with high speed?

    I've spent 2 days playing with the 5.4 Webchannel demos and haven't been able to get them to work - most likely due to the fact that I'm new to javascript and the web world.

    Advice greatly appreciated.

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