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[Not solvable] [closed] Is it possible to Build Qt Framework 5.4.0 without the Intrin.h? If yes: How?

  • Hello Forum.

    As I try to solve this Problem: "Conflicting Declaration / C Linkage":

    I filed a Bug Report at the MinGW-64 Project Site. I looked for a Workaround and get the following answer:

    "Well, actually there is. Just people refuse to use it ...
    Include intrin.h header instead of and ...intrin.h header.
    And if you require ...intrin.h headers, which aren't included automatically by intrin.h before, make sure they are put for C++ into 'extern "C"' namespace, as otherwise you can get issues about C vs C++ definitions."

    The Problem is, that I only can Compile Qt 5.4.0 if I disable ANGLE and OpenGL at the same time [Libglesv2.dll can not be build because of this C Linkage Declaration Error]. Not really a Solution: How should I run the Executables without both. Oh my.

    I am not that deep into Intrin.h. Is Intrin.h explicitly needed for Qt or can I compile Libglesv2 without it? If yes: Is there a How-To somewhere on the Web?


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