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[SOLVED] How to install qtcreator 4.8.1 ?

  • Hello,

    I have downloaded and compiled/installed qt 4.8.1, but I don't have the qtcreator in it.
    Is there any instructions please how I can install qtcreator and use it with the already installed 4.8.1 libraries ?
    If I do: sudo apt-get install qtcreator it will install 4.6.1 qtcreator and use it with some qt libraries (I don't know what version)

    Thank you,

  • Lifetime Qt Champion


    Qt Creator is not part of Qt's sources, it's a separated product. It's actual version number is 3.3.0

    Note the Qt version used to build Creator doesn't need to match the one you are currently using. Qt Creator is able to handle several versions of Qt independently. The only thing to be aware of is that starting with Qt 5.2 you need Qt Creator >= 3.0

    So since you are using an old version of Qt, the Qt Creator provided with your distribution should be enough to get you started. By the way, why not use 4.8.6 if you must stay with the 4 series ?

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