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Equivalent to Visual Studio's "Link Library Dependencies"?

  • In c++ project properties in Visual Studio there is "Link Library Dependencies" option in Configuration Properties -> Librarian -> General. I have project with several lib dependencies which output is also lib. If this option is Yes, outputed lib has large file size, otherwise not. Now i converted this c++ project to QT project and every time I build project in QT I'm getting small file size lib. How to link dependencies to get them in output lib?

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    Compile your dependent libraries statically and include those files in the .pro file. If that is not enough, you can try adding this to .pro file:
    CONFIG += staticlib

  • Thanks for the answer, but it did not help. Added "CONFIG += staticlib" to all subprojects .pro's, added same to main .pro, added all libs to main .pro and to subproject the output of which must be a library containing all the other libraries.

    Maybe it's not a trivial situation? The project consists of many sub-projects:

    • Static libs,
    • Static library, which should include all other static libs
    • Exe, to which should be connected only a single library that contains all the other static libs and in such a way must be used all the functionality of libraries.

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    Hi and welcome to devnet,

    What you can do is create a pri file that contains the linking informations for each of your library. Then in the other projects using them, include that pri file.

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