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Run time app settings recommendations

  • I'm wondering what people are mostly using these days with apps compiled using Qt to store/retrieve app settings at run time.

    Perhaps I'm not using the correct naming but things like if your app needs a com port you'd like to store that and then next time the app runs recall that com port # without having to ask the user again.

    Obviously there is the registry and while I can/have used it one thing I do not like about it is that it is not easy to move your "settings" that are working to another machine. I've always personally preferred a settings file of some kind.

    I am pretty sure Windows ini files are a thing of the past. So my question is considering all the stuff in Qt Core (which I'm still trying to grasp), what are people using to save/restore program settings?

    I see there is a json class, XML, stream readers/writers. All would work, just curious what people are doing?

    Thanks in advance. This app I'm working on will be constrained for the time being to Windows 32 bit. It will not need to cross-platform at this stage but perhaps a year or two down the road it might. Another reason I'm not convinced registry is a great thing.

  • There is a qsettings class which gives you plenty of choices for this particular case

  • Outstanding... I'm only to about Q<m> so I guess I haven't gotten that far yet.

    Thanks for the reply.

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