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Application to use the Linguist .ts and get traslation using Bing Translator API

  • I have been searching for an application that will use the .ts files created by the QtLinguist application and using the Google or Bing Translator API convert the string in the language selected.
    I did not find an FREE application. The only decent paid application that I found was
    Are there any more choices available... has anyone used anything other than this application?

    Moreover, now that Nokia is taken over by Microsoft, has Qt though of integrating the Bing Translator API in the QtLinguist application to get immediate Machine Translations done?

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    AFAIK there's nothing like that for ts files, the translation module didn't change.

    Qt's not a Nokia property anymore since a pretty long time. And I don't think it's been planned. However you can take a look at the "bug report system": to see if someone already talked about it if not you can open a feature request.

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