Developing a Desktop application for interaction with the outer world

  • Hi Guys

    I am developing a simple application for controlling my development board and to get the information or status from it.

    The development board is an 8 bit ATMEGA 16 board and I want to control it through the serial port of my PC and want to get the same i.e. status data of my board over the serial port.

    At the terminal level all this thing is going good.

    But I want to do it at the GUI level.

    My development system is Win 7.

    So please give me a little bit of hint of how to achieve this.

    Best regards

  • It's easy. You have to manage the serial interface using QSeialPort or, if you wnat, you can use a rs232 - tcp converter and manage it in lan...

  • So you mean to say that using the QSerialPort I can manage to communicate over the serial port to my board.

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