• Dear all!

    I need some help, please be so kind to help me:
    I am developing an application which needs to run on both platforms: Android, and iOS.
    I have problem with app. startup time:
    /1/ With iPad takes 5 sec: OK
    /2/ With Nexus 7 tablet takes 5 sec OK
    /3/ With Samsung Galaxy tab3 takes 27 sec the same code: NOT OK :(!
    My qml files are in Resources.qrc, so that I am loading from resources.
    I am using Loader for creating some components.

    In case of Samsung the following command takes 16-17 sec: @mainViewer->setSource(mainQmlFileLoc);@ (mainViewer type is QtQuick2ApplicationViewer).
    I don't know what can I do.
    I have tested with a Hello Word QtQuick app, and adding a background image takes 1-2 second on Samsung.
    Am I doing something wrongly?
    Thank you very much!

  • Hi Bence,

    while I have not found the cause of this problem yet, I experience the same problems on my Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 (and it is only on this device). Other Samsung devices have acceptable startup times so this seems to be a very device-specific issue

    What modules are you using?


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