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Publishing under GPL in Google Play?

  • hey,

    since my request (using the contact form) is still unanswered and I am very bad when it comes to licences, I was hoping I could get some help here (I hope that's the right forum):

    I am creating an app for Android using the community version of Qt (nearly finished). On the Qt download site the box 'Mobile app distribution through public app stores' (Rights & Services) is not checked.
    I read on the internet that the GPL is not compatible with the terms of the app stores for Windows Phone and iOS, however, it is with Google Play. (?)

    Am I allowed to publish my app in the Google Play store under the GPL?

    (To avoid any misunderstandings: yes, I would release the source code as well ...)

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    I think the answer is yes, but I can't say I am sure.

  • No one can definitely answer you in this forum ... you should contact a very good lawyer to get a definite answer ... and maybe you cannot get.
    There is a lot of discussion around internet about the compatibility of GPL and LGPL on the various app stores ... and more I read and more I get confused.

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