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Cross compiling with packages from debian repository

  • I am trying to cross compile a qt application with libraries from the debian repository. When doing a normal compilation everything just works, libraries were installed using "apt-get install qt5-default" and I can compile any application I want.

    Now I also wanted to do the same for an armhf application, so I installed the cross compiler and qt libraries using "apt-get install qt5-default:armhf" which looks like it is fine. The only problem here is that the tools are also compiled for armhf, so I can't run them on my development platform.

    Doesn't sound like a big problem because I should be able to use the libraries from my native platform, except for the fact that it is using hardcoded paths in qmake which I can't get around. How do I get a proper version of qmake which can be used to do cross compilation, is the only solution compiling qmake myself or can I pass some configuration which contains the non-native folders?

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