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[OS X] Yosemite style - moving close, minimize, maximize buttons and search qLineEdit etc.

  • Hello,

    I have been searching for Yosemite style tips, but to my surprise haven't found anything usefull. I currently have a working window without a titlebar, I can drag it around. Perfect. Here is an example of the final result I am looking to achieve, ordered by importance.


    1. is the most important/hardest. I can live with a search bar that doesn't have a looking glass icon :)

    Eventually I'd like to get the "frosted glass" style for my left pane, but it isn't a priority. I am also pretty sure that Qt provides all necessary tools to make it work. So, anyone have an idea on how to move the app buttons? Any good reads/ideas/pointers?

    Creating new buttons using the app->Style() and QStyle::SP_TitleBarCloseButton doesn't work. The icons aren't correct and there is a button underneath :/

    Oh and thank you for any help/guidance/ideas/brainstorming :)

  • Hmmm, nobody? Has anyone ever been able to move the titlebar buttons before? Google is very unfriendly with my searches :(

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    To embed the search field in your application you can have a look at QMacCocoaViewContainer which provides an example exactly with that widget.

    Can you give more detail about what you are trying to do with the buttons ?

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