[SOLVED] Your cloud has reached capacity limits in following services: EDS

  • Hello,

    I want to start using Qt cloud services for first tests and writing a small cloud based application.
    When I set up an EDS service in my cloud, after a few days I get the following Error message when I log into console.qtcloudservices.com:

    Your cloud has reached capacity limits in following services:

    I thought that with the Free edition, the first 25k read write operations and about 1 GB Data is included. I have of cause not reached this limits. Is there also a time limitation when using the EDS service?


  • Hi!

    Most likely the warning is about you have reached the maximum number of EDS instances (=1) for free plan. So nothing to worry about. The usage limits are relatively high so like you said, it's very unlikely you have hit those limits yet. I agree the warning looks bit scary :)

    At the moment there is no time limitation for free capacity plans.

  • Thanks for the answer.

    I tried again reading and writing which works as normal. So you are right the warning is about the limitation of one EDS instance.
    Would be nice to get a hint about the reason getting a limitation warnings in Qt Cloud services.


  • I've run across the same thing, and your explanation seems much better than their warning. Thanks for the interpretation!

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