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[SOLVED] Updating Qt 5.3 to Qt 5.4

  • Hi,

    every time, I visit this forum, I get the information about a new Qt version 5.4.
    Since I never did an update before, I don't know how to do this.
    I have installed Qt 5.3 for windows. How do I do the update? Do I have to uninstall and remove Qt 5.3 in total??
    I don't even find an uninstall program on my computer...

    I would be really glad to get some information about that stuff. Also I'd like to know if I have to be careful with some existing settings like existing include paths etc... Is that all removed after intalling the new Qt version?

    Thank you in anticipation!

  • You can have multiple versions of Qt installed.
    By default Qt installer puts everything in a directory that includes a version number. So it will not mix with other versions.
    Or you can uninstall Qt using standard windows way via control panel.

  • Hi,
    thank you for your fast reply!
    At first, I tried to install the new version without uninstalling the old one.

    I have installed Qt 5.3 in this path:

    When I installed Qt 5.3, it didn't put everything in the Qt 5.3 folder but also some things in the parent folder Qt:
    ... and much more files which are not in the sub directory Qt5.3

    when I now try to install Qt 5.4 in C:/Qt, I get a warning like this:
    "This directory already exists, all files are deleted.. It is not recommended to install Qt in this directory..."

    So I tried the second method and opend the windows control panel to uninstall Qt:
    In the uninstall file list, I found a file Qt, but when clicking it, I got the following error: "Uninstall failed. Maybe Qt already has been uninstalled... Do you want to remove the file from uninstall list..."..

    So I don't know now what to do. How can I completely remove Qt 5.3 without leaving any forever lost files somewhere widespread on my computer??

  • Btw:
    I found a in my Qt directory. When I renamed it to maintenancetool.exe (without suffix .new) and tried to run uninstall file from windows control panel again, a control panel window opened with three radio buttons, one of them is "completely remove all components".
    When I select this and click button, I get a warning like this:
    "Qt will uninstall the directory C:/windows/system32 completely with all including files and subdirectories"...
    That sounds really weird, it would crash my whole system!!
    I googled that and found posts of other users of Qt who had the same problem...

    Can anyone tell me how I can manually uninstall Qt 5.3 completely? Would it be enough to delete the install directory or are there other directories anywhere on my computer or registry entries that I also have to remove?


    Solved it by myself. This is a very sucking Qt bug. For reasons I don't understand, Qt installs the needed two files for maintenance as:


    For uninstalling, you have to rename both files removing the last suffix and call maintenanceTool.exe directly (otherwise, it tells you that it will delete important windows directories, sounds like comedy but is real...). Also, the control panel looks like a suspect program and running the uninstall routine from windows control panel confuses the user by telling things like it will remove the whole windows/system32 directory with all its contents!

    But this bug has already been reported two years ago, so I think Qt developers are not very interested in good installation/uninstallation...

    Maybe this topic helps other desperate users while upgrading Qt to the newest version ;-)

  • Thank you for sharing a solution.
    I have never hit this bug before.
    But I always install a Qt under separate directory with a name based on version and compiler.

  • I just realized that the newest version of Qt (5.4) has an uninstall routine in the start menu. But calling it leads to the same problem, so this bug is still present in Qt 5.4.
    I installed it to D:/Qt and see --> there are stille /
    I have to rename them and call the executable, there is no other way to uninstall it :-P


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