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Why not to improve the deployment solution of Qt?

  • why not to improve the deployment solution of Qt?Without the easy deplyment and app upgrade solution, it is very hard for Qt to be a productive framework.Sometimes i even think that, Now Qt is just a toy for developers.Please forgive me, i only want to do something to improve Qt.I love Qt indeed.

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    Are you thinking about something like "KDUpdater":http://docs.kdab.com/kdtools/2.1.0/kdupdater.html ?

    Or macdeployqt and its other platform friends ?

    Updating through an app store is also not the same process as an application installed through e.g. an installer (Qt Installer Framework or InnoSetup etc.). Also, linux is a special case since generally you would provide packages for the distribution you are targeting. What is your use case ?

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