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Building lastest version QtCreator agains Qt 4 (to enable -graphicssystem native) [RESOLVED]

  • I would like to get the benefit of latest and greatest in QtCreator - without serious rendering speed slowdown when using Qt5 remotely


    Is it at all feasible to compile QtCreator 3.3 or 3.2 against Qt 4 ?
    I mean with relatively few modifications to source and build files ?

    What is the last version of QtCreator to "officially" support Qt 4?

  • ok - changeglog is quite clear (-;

    it is possible to build Creator 3.2 against Qt 4.8.x

    Compiling Qt Creator 3.2


    • Qt 5.3.1 or later (with restrictions also Qt 4.8.x)

    confirmed: Creator ver 3.2.2 is building against Qt 4.8.5 without a hitch and working working with full scrolling speed
    e.g, supporting native rendering option

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