[solved]JSON.parse ...need little help

  • we have reply.data

    @qml: Enginio finished:{
    "query": {
    "query": {},
    "limit": 100
    "results": [
    "population": 70,
    "raw": 19.2,
    "updatedAt": "2014-12-10T21:26:27.208Z",
    "updater": {
    "id": "5488b2cb5a3d8b0ee80654d3",
    "objectType": "users"
    "water": 7.2

    How do I use JSON.parse to get the value raw !?

  • Hi,

    If you use QML you can use JavaScript code:
    var obj = JSON.parser(json_string);
    console.log("raw: "+obj.results[0].raw);

    If you use C++ and Qt 5.x you can use QJsonDocument class:
    QVariantMap res = QJsonDocument::fromJson(json_str).toMap();
    qDebug()<<"raw: "<<res["results"].toList()[0].toMap()["raw"].toDouble();

    If you use C++ and Qt 4.x you need to use QJson lib from this "link":http://qjson.sourceforge.net.

  • thx :)

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