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QSplitter - Mouse cursor on Mac OSX

  • Hey guys,

    On windows, the cursor change when hovering a QSplitter.

    However on mac nothing change, so the users don't notice that it's a QSplitter (just look like an horizontal line..)
    Is there a way to "force" the cursor to change on the Splitter hover? I don't think it's possible with Stylesheets.

    Here is my current Stylesheet for all my QSplitter:
    @QSplitter::handle {
    background-color: qlineargradient(spread:pad, x1:0, y1:0, x2:1, y2:0,
    stop:0 rgba(101, 104, 113, 255),
    stop:0.5 rgba(101, 104, 113, 235),
    stop:1.0 rgba(101, 104, 113, 255));

    Weird.. sometime it shows the correct cursor, sometimes not, investigating!


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    What version of OS X and Qt are you running ?

  • Hey SGaist,

    Using OSX Mavericks Qt 5.4
    Just found out the problem only occur after a video has started inside the video player. I'm about to release the alpha version on Mac OS, it will be available tonight on website. This little thing can wait for later, thanks

  • another thread for this.. sorry

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    Do you also experience this without the style sheet applied ?

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