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WYSI(not)WYG on iOS

  • So, I eagerly awaited the release of 5.4 (and Creator 3.3) hoping that my WYSIWYG issues would be addressed but sadly they aren't. Here's the run down:

    Pushbuttons of various sizes don't get drawn the correct size on iOS (either simulator or on an actual iPad). They usually end up much larger on iOS.

    Fonts don't get rendered the same on iOS. For example, if I use Eurostile for a QLabel, on iOS the characters have additional spacing between them. Comparing screenshots, the difference is about what it would be if I drew the same text in Photoshop with character spacing of 25. So, iOS is wider than OSX.

    Nested controls don't inherit font styles. If I put some controls in a group box and set a font style, the nested controls inherit the font and style correctly in Designer but only the font itself in iOS.

  • I think this question is good candidate for a "bug report":

    Could you create a simple app and the screenshots that show the problem and create new report on

  • I'll be happy to but I wanted to be sure that I'm not crazy (even though my mother had me tested ;-)

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