Grayscale image as texture in qt3d

  • @QImage Mat2QImage(cv::Mat const& src)
    cv::Mat temp; // make the same cv::Mat
    //cv::cvtColor(src, temp,CV_BGR2RGB); // cvtColor Makes a copt, that what i need
    QImage dest((const uchar *), temp.cols, temp.rows, temp.step, QImage::Format_RGB888);
    dest.bits(); // enforce deep copy, see documentation
    // of QImage::QImage ( const uchar * data, int width, int height, Format format )
    return dest;

    cv::Mat mat=cv::imread("C:/Qt/qt-qt3d/tutorials/qt3d/cube4/bluecircle.jpg");
    QImage image = Mat2QImage(mat);

    When I use a color image to bind as a texture on the cube, i can see it. However, when i try to wrap a grayscale image, I see a black screen? Does qt3d does not accept grayscale images?

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