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Cannot assign to non-existent property "states" (solved)

  • Trying to use state in QML.
    getting error: cannot assign to non-existent property "states".
    Please help

    import QtQuick 2.2
    import QtQuick.window 2.1
    window {

           id: myRect
        State {
                        name: "moved"
                        PropertyChanges { target:myRect;   x:50   y:50   }


  • what is "window"?
    maybe you should use "Window" ?
    QML is case sencetive...

  • @maxim.prishchepa Sorry to resurrect this thread after so long, but I believe this should not work even if the Window is spelled correctly. The thing is that I believe you cannot use states with Window object at all (although it is not mentioned anywhere in the documentation, which really drives me nuts, cause I just wasted a lot of time trying to find out). How come the thread is marked as solved even though it has no final answer?

  • That's right, I think states doesn't work in Window. I learned the hard way as well but does anyone know why it doesn't work?

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