How to rename iPhone application data folder

  • This is somewhat irritating. When I launch my iPhone application with Qt 5.4, either Qt 5.4 or Apple (not sure which) decided to name the local data folder:

    @../Library/Application Support@

    Yea. Thats a good idea. Put spaces in the path because writing parsers isn't already difficult enough! How can I rename "Application Support" to something else (how about Application_Support or AppData or just about anything else without a space in it!? Qt 5.3 didn't do this, so I am looking at you Qt 5.4!

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    That's the standard OS X, iOS path for local data.

    What did you have before and how did you retrieve it ?

  • It was retrieved the same way in Qt 5.3. I don't have a problem with the ios's path construction except when a folder name has a space in it. A space is a very common delimiter to parse commands with. I know in Qt 5.3, the data folder wasn't "Application Support". It was something like "AppData". I would need to spend a half hour switching branches to recompile my 5.3 version to give the exact name. But this is definitely the culprit

    I will just fix my parser to deal with the space. I'm just whining. ;)

  • I ended up doing some further look into the QStandardPaths and found:


    to be a more path friendly location to put my content. Technically, what I'm storing is documents. So it fits within my design concept.

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    Indeed, QStandardPaths is the best way to store your various content on the right place across platforms

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