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Strange WebView Problem

  • Hi everyone,

    I am using WebView to load Http web page. I tested on N8 and simulator:

    on N8 : When I change the url, the new page superimposes(overlaps) the previous one(that is: the two page seem to display the same time and, the new page seems tranparent). And when i zoom the page, the phenomenon disapears.

    on Simulator (Linux, SDK 1.1): there is not the problem at all.

    I dont know it is a problem of "refresh or load url " or not? I try to use

    url="new url"@

    but it doesn't work.

    Can anyone help me?

  • Hi,

    This sounds like a bug -- I'd suggest filing a report at https://bugs.webkit.org (using component "WebKit Qt").


  • I worked on this, and i got 2 workarounds that you guys can test .

    1. in the code of your web page, you change your html or css to add a background (white) for your web page.

    2. you create 2 webviews, and you use a loader to switch these 2 webviews dynamically. this is allowed to avoid overlaps just for the first level of navigation. but another problem arrives, when you navigate in the web page, you can't create another webview one after another to avoid overlaps.

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