How can I display/edit QSqlRelationalTableModel using custom input widgets in a QScrollArea

  • I was hoping someone could lead me in the right direction. I have created a custom widget with several QLineEdits and QComboBoxes. I am using the widget to display/edit contact addresses in a database.

    I have been able to display/edit one address at a time using the custom widget, QSqlRelationalTableModel and QDataWidgetMapper and a "Next" & "Previous" Button. I would like to be able to show all the addresses in the custom widget but have them in a list type view so I can see them on the same screen.

    I have managed to get the widgets to display in a scroll area, but I am not sure what I need to do so the data is displayed in its own “row”. I know I can use QDataWidgetMapper->toNext() and do it “by hand”. But I would like to use the model/view architecture and have it done automatically.

    I saw the chart example and it uses a subclass of QAbstractItemView. It of course is completely different than my “homemade table” so I am not sure if thats where I should be looking for my answers.

    I have attached a photo of the empty widgets listed in the scroll area as a visual cue.

    So my questions:
    Is this possible?
    If so, what class should I be using?


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    You should consider using a QListView + a custom QStyledItemDelegate. Otherwise, you can also use setCurrentItem on your QDataWidgetMapper.

    Hope it helps

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