Qt for WinRT cannot probe compiler for VS14, whereas VS2013 installation failed

  • It is because several months before when I installed VS 14 just for a peek to new IDE, and help developing Qt applications for Win RT. then I heard that Qt 5.4 for WinRT depends VS2013 express update 3 or 4(http://qt-project.org/wiki/Qt540-KnownIssues). I uninstalled VS14 and reinstall VS2013, but to get me mad, VS2013 cannot be installed due to uncompatible VC runtime binaries. Now, I reinstall VS14, and Qt 5.4 RC's Win RT cannot probe any compiler for my Windows Phone 8.1 although it is certainly installed together with VS14.
    How to workaround for this problem and make Qt recognize compilers? I have VS2014 installed only, no way to install VS2013.

    By the way, Qt 5.3.2 for Win RT can recognize compilers in my VS14 but it lacks Enginio module which I need and Qt 5.4 have.

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    There is no VS2014 or VS14. There is VS2015 and the Visual Compiler version in it is 14.0. Simliarly VC version in VS2013 was 12.0.
    I know it's confusing but don't mix compiler version with Visual Studio release name (the year) ;)

    VS2015(I assume that is what you mean) is not out yet. It's a Technology Preview so don't expect Qt supporting it.
    In any case it's not enough to make Qt recognize VS2015, by which I guess you mean create a kit in QtCreator or add it via VS add-in?

    You would need to compile Qt (not only your app) using VS2015 and that is currently not possible due to changes in the compiler. I would expect it around Qt 5.5 if MS releases VS2015 soon.

    Have you mixed VS2015 and Qt 5.3.2 compiled with VS2013 or did you actually managed to build Qt5.3.2 with VS2015? If it's the former then it's not a good idea. These compilers are not fully compatible and it may seem to work but break at some point.

    I would focus on fixing your installation. What steps did you try? Did you uninstall all the crust VS2015 added like the runtimes and sql stuff or just the IDE?

  • It is VS fault only, I've fixed it by not uninstalling VS 14 CTP and at the same time install VS 2013. So I have two versions of Visual Studios installed. And finally it is OK using Qt for Windows Phone. I've ported my game app to Windows Phone, and it works. Thank you for your patience and reply.

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