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Need For Speed: Qt Creator with -graphicssytem native => working remotely access via NX/x2go (redhat rhel 7)

  • Hello,

    An important requirement for us is remote desktop.
    We are moving to RHEL 7 platform and I have tried QT installer, although the installation itself was flawless, the comfort of work is horrible; you can see scrolling pixels :-(

    The remote rendering even over fast LAN connection is sooo slooow, that it defeats the main appeal of qtcreator: speed and nimbleness.

    We use freenx / x2go and they require native rendering on x server.

    Untill now we were happy with qt command line option: -graphicssystem native
    but I believe it is supported only by QT4 ?

    What is the best way to retain the speed of native rendering on Redhat/Centos 7 ?

    Or alternatively what is the lastest version of QT Creator that would support graphicsystem native rendering?


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