Problem with GL widget

  • Hi folks!
    I am encountering this problem, I am trying to move my development from ubuntu to CentOS, since at work we use centOS I am trying to stay on same distro, I made a simple opengGL viewport using qt (
    Now I am running on laptop so the Optimus plays a big role here, on ubuntu I am using the nvidia prime packages so all good, on centos is more of an hassle to make it work using bumbleebed, which I did, now the reason I am writing here and not on a linux forum is because I can successfully run stuff on my gpu, but when I tried to recompile and run my viewport on centos I got weird problem, 90% of the GL widget is "painted" as the desktop, but a smal fraction on the top left part of the viewport actually work just fine, the frozen background is sign that something is messed up with opengl but usually the whole application is like that, instead there is this small part working perfectly fine, anyone got an Idea of what might go wrong? I don't get any exceptions at terminal, shaders and everything compile fine.
    I know is a long shot but I though was worth a try.

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