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QWebView warning - "QPainter::end: Painter ended with 2 saved states"

  • Hey guys,

    I use a lot of QWebView inside my app, I know they are gonna get deprecated soon for QWebEngine new module, but until 5.4 or 5.5 i'm not gonna switch yet. (testing the RC at the moment and I'm missing a few functions I need like addToJavascript(), cookies management, etc.)

    Currently working fine with QWebView, I only get a few warning I couldn't fix and would like to know if someone know what may cause that :
    "Screenshot here":
    Basically just a button in a webPage that pop a modal bootstrap dialog, I get 9*times this message when I open the modal "QPainter::end: Painter ended with 2 saved states" and another 9times when I click "close"

    Update :
    I'm thinking it may have to do with QWebView not supporting all css animation, "source":
    will investigate a little

    Thanks Qt!

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