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[SOLVED] QtCreator can not be used to debug std::libc data types

  • I opened the following ticket : "QTCREATORBUG-13579 - QtCreator can not use to debug std::libc": data types. But I am wondering if there is a workaround known?

    Open terminal and start QtCreator.
    Set up an c++ application with usage of std::vectorstd::string mylist and add values to this list.
    Run the app in debug mode and try to step over vector creation and manipulation.
    Try to watch values of type std::string.
    QtCreators hangs until timeout of GDB.
    Error message in terminal: Unexpected GDB stderr: "Recursive internal problem.

    Environment: Ubuntu 12.04.5 LTS 32 Bit Desktop, Qt 5.3.0, gcc 4.7, gdb 7.4, QtCreator 3.2.1

    Hint: Everything is fine using GDB on command line or with Eclipse


  • Error depends on Debug settings of GDB in QtCreator. Default settings for QtCreator 3.3 and newer avoid this issue.

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