[Enginio] How query object with regular expression

  • Hello,

    I want to query object list stored in my users collection with a regular expression. In the documentation, it's not explain.

    My exemple is written in Node.js language:
    @app.get('/api/users', function(req, res)
    authenticateRequest(req, function(e, session)
    var data = req.body;
    "login": "Cha.*" // Doesn't work
    }, function(err, userItems)
    // error; should not happen

                    // successful; return json
            } else
                res.json(error(403, "Access Denied!"));

    And the *users *json ojects in Enginio are:
    "email": "chasou@test.com",
    "password": "////////////",
    "login": "Chasou",
    "name": "Charlotte Mars"
    "email": "chase@test.com",
    "password": "////////////",
    "login": "Chase",
    "name": "Chase Mars"

    I read the Full text search documentation but I don't understand how use it in my Node.js code.

    Thank you for your help.

  • I have tested the Full text search on my EDS instance with a curl command like in the example "here":https://developer.qtcloudservices.com/eds/key-concepts/full-text-search.

    @curl -XGET -H "Enginio-Backend-Id: XXXXXXXX" --data-urlencode 'search={"phrase": "Cha*"}&objectTypes=objects.users' https://api.engin.io/v1/search@

    And I have this error:

    @{"errors":[{"reason":"InvalidParameter","message":"objectTypes parameter is required"}]}@

    Okay, perhaps that my command or the example doesn't work then I implemented the search in my Node.Js code and I have unfortunately the same error.

    It's a EDS error ?

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