Qt 5.3.2, QPrintDialog and Microsoft XPS Writer

  • Hi. I'm trying to print some page into some .xsp file. And I have error. I don't have normal printer. But when I'm tryig to print into some .pdf file with only Qt it works.

    @printer = new QPrinter();
    QPainter painter(printer);

    But when I'm trying not to set file name and open XPS Writer, dialog where you can choose file name doesn't appear

    @QPrintDialog dlg(parent);

    if(dlg.exec() == QDialog::Accepted) {
    printer = dlg.printer();
    else {
    QPainter painter(printer);@

    And I have error here (C:\Qt\qt-5.3.2-openSSL\qt-everywhere-opensource-src-5.3.2\qtbase\src\gui\painting)
    bool QPainterPrivate::attachPainterPrivate(QPainter *q, QPaintDevice *pdev)

    QPainter *sp = pdev->sharedPainter();@

    Why is so? What shall I do? Show some Save To dialog? Or this is bug?

    Thank you

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