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Qt Creator 3.0.0 - No Welcome screen

  • This version of 'creator' is installed under Mageia Linux 4.1
    Neither the 'Welcome' option nor the 'Help' option open a
    further window.

    What do I have to do to recover them?


  • Moderators

    Hi, and welcome to the Qt Dev Net!

    The "Welcome" screen requires OpenGL 2 or higher. The "Help" screen requires documentation to be present in your machine.

    Some questions:

    Does your machine have this OpenGL support?

    Are you running a virtual machine or physical machine?

    In Qt Creator, click the menu on the top: "Help" -> "About Qt Creator..." What version of Qt is it based on?

    Does your distro supply Qt documentation as a separate downloadable package?

    The best people to answer your question are the Mageia Linux packagers.

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