Launching Debugger gets stuck on OSX Yosemite

  • I have installed xcode and the xcode command line tools.

    But Apple did not seem to include gdb. So I set up a kit with lldb.

    But when I start a debug session with a very simple c program it gets stuck saying "Lauching Debugger". The Debug toolbar says "Starting debugger "LldpEngine" for ABI "x86-macos-generic-mach_0-64bit"...

    OK what do I need to do to get this to work?

    Below is the last few lines from the debugger window.


    dLldb stdout: breakpoint-added={lldbid="1",hitcount="0",threadid="0",oneshot="0",condition="",enabled="1",valid="1",ignorecount="0",locations=[{locid="1",func="main",enabled="1",resolved="0",valid="1",ignorecount="0",file="/Users/trey/Development/Qt-Projects/build-LookforC-Desktop_Qt_5_3_clang_64bit-Debug/../LookforC/main.cpp",line="8",addr="18446744073709551615"},],file="/Users/trey/Development/Qt-Projects/build-LookforC-Desktop_Qt_5_3_clang_64bit-Debug/../LookforC/main.cpp",line="8",modelid="2"}@
    sRunning requested...
    dLldb stdout: token="3"@

  • LLDB has changed its startup requirements. Your options are either using an older build of LLDB, or Qt Creator 3.3 rc, or apply the patch from manually to your

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