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Background in QTableWidget

  • Hi. I have class inherited from QTableWidget. I want to set background from file, but line
    "setStyleSheet("background-image: url("board.jpg");");" or
    setStyleSheet("background-image: url(./board.jpg);") doesn't work... What is solution?

  • Hi and welcome to DevNet!

    I think this can be done via QPalette/QPixmap:
    @ QTableWidget* table = new QTableWidget;

    QPalette palette = table->palette();
    QPixmap jpgImage( "board.jpg");
    palette.setBrush(QPalette::Base, QBrush(jpgImage));

    Try it, I didn't test it..

  • Hmmm. Where should be file board.jpg? In folder "build-Checkers_V01-Desktop_Qt_5_3_MSVC2013_64bit-Debug" or just in "Checkers_V01"?

  • It depends.. Try it in both folders to see if it works. Or use an absolute path like "C:\Path\To\Image\board.jpg"

  • Lifetime Qt Champion

    Hi and welcome to devnet,

    [quote author="Binary91" date="1417095175"]Hi and welcome to DevNet!
    @QPixmap jpgImage( "board.jpg");@

    This is a relative path so the file must be in the same folder as the executable.

    On a related note, since you are using Qt, you should use the *nix forward slash notation, it will avoid many problem with paths

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