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Qt applications resource hungry?

  • Hi everyone.

    We are going to start using Qt Quick and QML to program a GUI application. Before doing so, we are wondering if Qt in general is resource hungry? i.e memory, CPU etc?

    Our application will be running on a Raspberry Pi which gets data serially and shows the data on the GUI.

    Are we going to have issues while the application is running, for instance the application slowing down or being glitchy?

    Any input is much appreciated.


  • Lowest-end HW I'm using Quick and QML on is an iPad with an A6X CPU (OK admittedly that's still quite a bit more powerful than a Pi) and I haven't seen anything at all which makes me think "OMG this is so bloated/glitchy/inefficient I wish I was using a different, leaner framework". IMHO the Qt combo of native C++ code to make most efficient use of the CPU and memory (no GC nonsense) where needed, a graphics engine (QSG) which can (simultaneously) exploit any GPU resources, and the mutability of QML to develop fast is a fantastic combination (aim to do as much as possible in QML+JS, and use custom C++ QML plugins only for the bits of your app which need it).

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