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Order of initialisation for c++/qml object

  • Let's consider the following class, made available in QML:

    class XLabel : public QQuickText
    Q_PROPERTY(QQuickText *label_1 READ getLabel1 WRITE setLabel1 NOTIFY label1Changed)
    Q_PROPERTY(QQuickText label_2 READ getLabel2 WRITE setLabel2 NOTIFY label2Changed)
    the 6 functions for these props exist, I've just not pasted them here */
    QQuickText *probe, *label1, *label2;
    void createLabels();

    void XLabel::createLabels(){
        label1 = new QQuickText(this);
        label2 = new QQuickText(this);
        // here the equivalent of property alias ...
    void XLabel::componentComplete(){


    And used like this in a QML:



    delay : 0;
    animationDuration : 1000;
    animationEasing : Easing.InOutSine;
    animationTarget : myLabel.label_1;

    The In_Fade is a SequentialAnimation.

    Problem: animationTarget is undefined in the onCompleted of In_Fade and null inside a child of In_Fade. How can I have it available in both places?

    So this made me ask about the order of initialisations in this particular case.
    What I've noticed so far is that the c++ componentComplete is executed before the QML Component.onCompleted (both of the XLabel).

  • Note: if I try to access myLabel.label_1 onClick, it works, so after the initalisations, I do have acccess to them.

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