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[SOLVED] QStatusBar Background Color

  • All I have been doing some searching around and some attempts to change the background color of the Status bar at the bottom of the main window. Basically as I connect and disconnect from another networked system I want to display red for disconnected and green for connected. I was able to change the font color ok but what I really want to is the entire bar to be green or red. Here is what I have tried.

    ui->statusBar->setStyleSheet("{background-color:rgb(0, 255, 0);");

    Any ideas? This does not work

  • If you are using a custom widget you need to overload the PaintEvent specifically you should have a look at drawPrimitive. Creating a custom widget with a custom paint event should solve your problem, of not being able to use some of QSS's features.

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    Loose the {
    ui->statusBar->setStyleSheet("background-color: rgb(0, 255, 0);");

  • Perfect thank you Chris!

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