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QT3d translation of an object

  • Hi, I am new to QT. I am trying to move an object from one point to another in this function. But, rather than translating the object, QT creates a copy of the cube. How can I use translation.

    I want the cube to remain at position1 and then move to position2 after 1 second.
    const QVector3D position1(1,1,1);
    const QVector3D position2(-1,0,-2);
    CubeView::CubeView(QWindow *parent)
    : QGLView(parent)
    //! [1]
    QGLBuilder builder1;
    builder1 << QGL::Faceted;
    builder1 << QGLCube(2);
    cube = builder1.finalizedSceneNode();



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