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"CMD.exe" exited with code 3 - VS2013

  • Hello,

    I'm facing this problem of building my Qt programs with VS2013. I get an error that cmd.exe exited with Code 3.

    Investigating further, I noticed that it fails in moc'ing the files, says cannot find the files specified.

    I know the files are linked correctly, and the correct path is set for the files. Also, I changed the string in the Porj file from

    bq. QtVersion_x0020_Win32 = "4.8.2"


    bq. Qt5Version_x0020_Win32 = "5.3.2"

    • But to no avail.

    How can I fix this situation?

    Also, the QT VS 2013 Addin, For Qt 5, from the Qt site, is not hosted on any mirror, and the download speed is only a few KB/s. Is there any other place from where I can get this version?

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    Is it failing to moc the files or compile the moc'ed files?

    Here's a "mirror list":
    The VS Addins for all versions are in the /official_releases/vsaddin/ directory.

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