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Forum Nokia - QML Templates

  • Via "Forum Nokia":

    QML UI Templates library will provide commonly used UI-components for generic use with QML. This library is not meant to replace the official Qt Components-project but to provide larger templates for developers to take a look and utilize in their own projects.

    The library include:

    • Accordion List
    • Tab Bar
    • Wait Indicator
    • Splash Screen
    • Modal Dialog
    • Modal Note
    • PopUp
    • Date Picker
    • Persistent Model
    • Switch

    More "info":

    ! Templates)!

  • Great initiative!

    Could you please add licensing info so I know how the components can be used?

    Preferable "WTFPL": or similar :)

  • If you download the package (the zip file) it contains a licence.txt

  • Very nice initiative indeed! Thanks for sharing this, I think it is really needed.

  • They look very cool. I will try them out very shortly. Thank you.

  • Hi!
    Thanks a lot for nicely done templates! I've been playing with your ModalDialog and found out following. I have this code:
    @Rectangle {
    id: mainWindow
    width: 360
    height: 360

        id: quitDialog
        anchors.fill: mainWindow
        text: "Do you really want to quit?"
        onAccepted: {
        id: otherDialog
        anchors.fill: mainWindow
        text: "Some text"
    Button {
        id: quitButton
        text: "Close";  anchors.right: mainWindow.right
        onClicked: {
        id: otherButton
        text: "Other"; anchors.left: mainWindow.left
        onClicked: {


    But i am still able to click on both buttons, even though they shouldn't be clickable as ModalDialog is shown (they should be behind Fader). I'v been working on my own modal dialog but i ended up with the same behaviour as this:)

    Edit: hmmm i've figured out what was wrong, it depends on order. If I defined buttons before modal dialogs it works as desired. I didn't expect such behavior.

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