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Qt Creator ANSI colors

  • The program I am writing outputs messages to STDOUT in color. This works great in the terminal, but I am seeing the actual ANSI codes in the Application Output window. For example:

    @[36mOpened database[0m@

    The \e shows up for me as the mathematical >= symbol. Could I have some font or locale setting that might be interfering with this working properly? From what I understand at this should just work.

    I'd be fine giving up and checking "Run in Terminal", but that isn't an option when you are deploying and running remotely. (And no, the color issue isn't specific to running remotely, it doesn't work when I run locally either.)

    I'm running Qt Creator 3.2.2 on Arch, but I've noticed it on previous versions I used to run on Gentoo as well.

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    You might have found a bug/misbehavior. You should consider preparing an example that shows that and open a new report.

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