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Still unable to get crisp fonts in the editor

  • I compiled QtCreator 3.3.0 with a fontconfig-enabled Qt 5.3.2 in the hopes that font-hinting would finally look right. However even though QtCreator now responds to fontconfig changes, the text still looks oddly bloated. For comparison, I have added a sample of the Mousepad text editor that comes with XFCE.

    Here it is:
    ! and QtCreator compared)!
    The word float might be the best spot to draw attention to. It almost looks like a bold version of the Mousepad render. Also note the resulting overall difference in line length.

    Now you might tell me that it's a matter of taste but QtCreator is the odd out in this case, not Mousepad. On Windows 7 I also get these nice crisp fonts.

  • Can anyone look into this? Can I help myself somehow if the Qt maintainers don't care?

    I found a "bug report": that illustrates the same issue. The "screenshot": shows exactly what I'm experiencing; the characters have become fuzzy and when using such a small font size, that difference really matters.

    Here another "example": a different user, it shows the difference better than my screenshot.

    I was looking at some code on Github today and thought to myself how nice it looked. Turns out it's the same font (and size) I use in QtCreator, but rendered by Firefox...

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