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Can all Qml files be loaded from memory?

  • We can load all Qml files (I mean .qml, .js and corresponding images) files from disk.
    We can use also the Qt resource system (put everything in a .qrc).

    Will loading everything from a memory work (as all resources .qml-s, images, .js-s are loaded by the application into memory)? I've tried this for a simple static file. What about a real application with lots of components, screens etc, even external JavaScript modules? Can this be done and how practical will it be?

  • One gotcha (admittedly extreme conditions): I have a Qt app with about 2GByte of resources (a LOT of jpgs and mp4 contents). Baking them into a qrc (for convenience) worked great on my 64bit desktops but failed on iOS, apparently because the qrc is accessed by memory mapping and there's not enough (contiguous) address space on 32bit iOS for the monster I had. Bit more at

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