QtQuick.Dialogs: Dialog, anchors

  • I have Dialog with TableView and im trying to set TableView to fill all available space of dialog window

    Dialog {
     title: "History"
     TableView {
      id: view
      //anchors.fill: parent
      anchors.top: parent.top; anchors.left: parent.left; 
      anchors.right: parent.right; //anchors.bottom: ???
      model: model
      TableViewColumn { title: "Date"; role: "date" }
      TableViewColumn { title: "Dist"; role: "distance" }
      TableViewColumn { title: "Avg speed"; role: "average_speed" }
      TableViewColumn { title: "Dur"; role: "duration" }
     ListModel {
      id: model

    When im trying to set TableView's anchors to fill parent it draws broken:

    When im trying to set each top, left, right, bottom anchors it's ok but i dont know what assign to bottom anchor (how to address top anchor of dialog buttons):

  • Did you find a solution to this? I've just run into an almost identical problem.

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    @Babalas Try setting TableView as a contentItem of Dialog.

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