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QtCreator. Mutliple versions of gcc

  • Hi all,

    I've been using Qt Creator for a few months now (and I'm very happy with it), but mostly as an editor (modify / navigate the code). Recently, I wanted to try to use it as a cross compilation environment using its kit/compiler system.

    Everything seems simple enough when compilers are different eg clang and gcc. However, when I tried to set up g++-4.9 along with the default (g++-4.6) compiler of my ubuntu 12.04, creator will always choose the system's default g++.

    I found several workarounds:

    • Adding built steps with update-alternatives to switch default compiler before starting make.
    • Create a specific mkspec forcing the compiler to g++-4.9
    • Use the variable QMAKE_CXX to specify g++-4.9

    But I feel that there must be an easier way, otherwise what use would it be to specify the full path of the compiler in Tools > Options > Build & Run > Compile ?

    Can anyone help me with that ?
    Thank you.

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