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Is Qt the library for me?

  • Hi all.

    I've got a bit of an idea I want to jump into and code, but first a little background. I've not touched programming (especially C++ programming) in a couple of years, as I've gone into 3d art and other stuff like this, but lately I've noticed a bit of a need to be filled in a particular area in terms of art-tools, namely to do with the fact that said art tools have become a standard for the industry, so the creators of said tools jack the prices up to heights that no sane hobbyist could afford. I'm hoping to fill that gap, and I specifically remember Qt being a joy to work with a few years ago when I was playing around with it. The question is, can it fulfill my needs?

    The basic gist of it is that I want to create a radial type menu that will snap itself to the corners of the screen, and allow people to customize it for use with art tools. So users can set up a profile for a specific program, and while running this tool, they can hit a button for save, or something with their tablet pen. It'll basically function as the Wacom Radial Menu for tablet users without a Wacom tablet. A basic mockup of what the tool could look like can be found "here ": (I dont think I have to say that that isn't final).

    Anyway, what I want to know is does Qt allow for this type of interaction. I can probably guess that a windowless program can be done, but can buttons also be made/unmade for that type of tool on the fly? (One of my planned features is the ability to allow users to add/remove buttons at will, so if they so desired, the entire quarter circle area could be a single button for a save function). Also can it pass through commands from itself to the program the user is actually running for it? So when the user clicks the "Save" sector, it'll pass a Ctrl+S (or whatever hotkey the user sets for it) down through to photoshop, or zbrush or something under it?

    I'm also considering just making it a proper radial menu exactly like the Wacom radial menu (ie not snapped to the corner), but from my knowledge, the QtPieMenu feature is locked under a paywall? Would I just be able to code my own? I'm not exactly sure.

    So yeah, I've got quite a road ahead of me, but I sincerely hope that Qt has these features I need, because I'd definitely love to use it! :)

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