5.3.1 Some Qt tools were not built even though "-make tools" was put on configure command line (qconfig, makeqpf)

  • Yesterday I posted "this thread asking how to build the Qt tools":http://qt-project.org/forums/viewthread/49612/ like makeqpf. I then found "-make tools" for the configure command line and (prematurely) marked that thread as solved.

    When configure finished, it said "Build parts... libs tools". When the build finished, I do have some tools in qttools/bin of the Qt source tree, like pixeltool, qtdiag, among others.

    This is for Qt version 5.3.1.

    However, the one I need (makeqpf) and another I'm interested in (qconfig) are not there. Why weren't these built? How to I build them?

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