Copy/Paste with QTableView

  • Hi,

    I am using custom 2D model (inheriting from QAbstractTableModel) and QTableView sub-class to add some more features such as copy/paste support.

    Now consider this model in a view:

    x | 1 | 2 | 3
    1 | a | d | h
    2 | b | e | h
    3 | c | f | i

    Column 1 should be disabled for editing. It should allow copying the data but not pasting it, not even indirectly (i.e. you select 'h' and 'e' and paste it on 'd' => 'e' should not overwrite 'b').

    How to implement such a thing? Disabling editing on the model level seems wrong and it might even hinder things like populating model with data. However on the view level I have no knowledge of the proportions of the incoming MIME data.

    Maybe I am going about it all wrong though. Any suggestiong would be appreciated.

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