[solved] Qt application crashes when accessing QList<QLlnkedList<QUrl>* > from NetworkAccessManager->get() callback

  • I am currently trying to map redirect urls back to their original urls when using QNetworkAccessManager since I haven't found a built in function.

    My application crashes when I am trying to access a QList<QLinkedList<QUrl>* > within the replyFinished(QNetworkReply* networkReply); slot of a QNetworkAccessManager.

    If the url is a redirect url, I basically loop once over the list add the redirect url to the list, load the redirected url and then exit the function:

    @foreach (QLinkedList<QUrl>* list, mList) {
    if (list->front() == url) {

    If the url I got is not a redirect url, I execute the following code:

    @QList<QLinkedList<QUrl>* >::iterator it = mList.begin();
    while (it != mList.end()) {
    QLinkedList<QUrl>* list = *it;

    if (list->front() == networkReply->url()) {
        QUrl originalUrl = list->back();
        delete list;


    The code above basically looks up the original url in the QLinkedList. The reason I use a QList around the QLinkedList is that I can have multiple requests running at the same time.

    Somehow my application freezes and I can't do anything. Is it because replyFinished() gets called in a different Thread and it's trying to access things in the Main Thread or what's the reason behind it?

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