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Bug in Qt5 and SOQT

  • I am working on a software for surgical planning and use Qt (4), Coin3, and SOQT. However, recently when updating to Qt5, VS 3013 and 64-bit, I get a really weird bug. I have been working on it for 2 weeks now, so any ideas are appreciated!

    So when starting SoExaminerViewer (a viewer provided from SOQT), the screen stops repainting - that means the side bar labels and widgets don't get updated. I somehow solved that by moving this line of code:

    @this->setWindowState(Qt::WindowMaximized | Qt::WindowFullScreen | Qt::WindowActive);@

    from the constructor of QtMainWindow to the main application after showing the main window:

    mainWindow.setWindowState(Qt::WindowMaximized | Qt::WindowFullScreen | Qt::WindowActive);@

    It seems the problem is with the WindowFullScreen state - did something with the window states change in Qt5, that I did not notice?

    That solved this problem but I still don't understand why is that happening. Now the ExaminerViewer widget is resized wrong and takes the whole central widget, instead of one forth of it as it should (since I have 4 viewers, axial, coronal, sagittal, and 3D). I imagine the two problems are related and the ugly workaround I did to solve the first problem, does not solve the issue but only one symptom.

    Anyone has any idea?

    Let me know if I should post more details.

    Many thanks,

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